Collection: Divine Sisterhood: A One Month Container

Community is immunity.

Join a collection of dedicated, powerful & transformative Womxn in a healing circle for a committed 4 weeks, where as a group, you will learn how to transmute and alchemize your nervous systems together, wake up to your sacred energy centers, harmonize your inner feminine & masculine, all while developing human connection & a sisterhood and understanding of self, and others.

This intimate container consists of workbooks, functional breathwork, meditations, vocalizations, meaningful discussions, art, poetry, learning how to normalize triggers, trauma & anxieties, embodied practices, somatic healing, nervous system regulation, emotional management, magic and mystery and honestly:

Waking up to your Divine Birthright of embodying the Queen and Goddess that you are.

And I say that with confidence.


Valued at $444 for 4 weeks -- symbolic of creating a solid foundation and being on an aligned path with others.

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