Collection: Naturopathic Healthcare

I help you improve your relationship with your lifestyle. Whether you're dealing with acne, gut issues, thyroid imbalances, fatigue or anxiety, the key is understanding your personal mechanism. 

When we can learn about the body's innate abilities to heal and function, we can learn about our individual bio-compatibilities with the determinants of health. The way we function via these determinants impacts the way we think, feel, move, and vice versa. Allow me to educate and empower you to create & cultivate a sustainable and long-lasting friendship with your health and watch yourself heal.

Our initial session is valued at $550, for new clients, as an invitation to guide you towards a transformative path that actually works for you.

What is also included is a first complimentary follow up, a detailed protocol + plan, created and detailed by you & Dr. Trish.

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