How I Practice

Being aware in one’s environment allows ourselves to extend compassion and grace for any mental, emotional, physical and spiritual challenge we may be experiencing.
My approach to medicine is one that is whole-listic, trauma-informed, body-positive and sex-positive, and I understand that being human means to carry an invisible load that is complex.
My practice is a healing collective and I try to maintain it’s safety container as much as possible. I work with people of all ages, colors, genders, shapes, sizes, backgrounds and do not believe in discrimination against someone’s vaccination status.
My focus is to help you revive your diminished capacities, especially when you may not know it.
Working with me will help you identify what it is that is stopping you from being the ideal version of yourself. Not only is this self-development work, but this is also emotional, soul labor transformative work.
You can expect truth & transparency from me, as your doctor & healer.